What You Need to Know About Cleanroom Mopping

User survey results and observations

At FG Clean Wipes, we strive to make continuous improvements to our customer’s contamination control capabilities. Mopping is the most important to reimagine first because it is an essential part of surface cleaning in critical environments but the efficiency of tools and processes for mopping are often overlooked.

So we funded a third-party survey to uncover the unmet needs that cleanroom professionals share in cleanroom mopping. We think it important for us to share this information with you because it sheds light on major efficiencies and improvements you may want but aren’t aware that they’re available.

A total of 135 respondents completed the survey. They come from wide-ranging industries involving critical environments.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Commercial Laboratories

  • Academic Research

  • Compounding Pharmacies

  • Research and Development

  • Commercial Laboratories

The majority of respondents are involved in purchasing equipment for cleanroom mopping or development of SOPs.

Two- or Three-Bucket systems are currently widely adopted for cleanroom mopping.

The respondents identified major shortcomings of their current mopping systems.

If choosing a new mopping system, these would be the most important criteria.

Key Takeaways

Although most respondents deemed their current mopping systems adequate, they expressed major complaints that are inherent to two- and three-bucket systems they are using today. With these designs, you will have to use your hands to replace dirty mops and cleaning solution will always become contaminated by dirty mops. The respondents were also concerned about the lack of ergonomics which will directly undermine worker safety. Chemical waste cannot be ignored either as it has a negative impact on both your bottom line as well as the environment.

There is a cleaning system available that addresses all the unmet needs and meets all major criteria for a change, but many people aren’t aware of it.  

The Saturix Cleaning System lowers the entire mopping risk profile by 80%1 with its hands-free mop attachment/removal and precision dosing. This reduction covers general contamination control risk and employee health and safety by limiting their exposure and enhancing ergonomics. 

Our advanced, high performance microfiber mops are proven to remove 99.9%2 of particulate residue down to .1 micron to provide additional insurance to any environment. The superior absorption and release allows those mops to offer up to 47% higher coverage per mop.3 This further reduces employee safety risk by decreasing all repetitive motions associated with saturating, wringing and changing mops.

Finally our precision dosing technology not only allows users to always clean with clean chemical but save chemical usage by 90%.1

1. Based on internal analysis of a 5,000 ft2 ISO 7 facility.

2. Based on 3rd party lab testing.

3. Based on 3rd party lab testing comparing Saturix mops to leading competitor mops.