Critical Cleaning Solutions for
United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

Saturix is a visionary cleaning system for USP 795,
USP 797 and USP 800 applications and environments.



A Visionary Cleaning System for USP Applications

Our microfiber mops, wipes, IPA, prep pads and cleaning carts reduce risk and waste while improving productivity in USP <795>, USP <797> and USP <800> applications and environments.

High Performance Wipes
and Isopropyl Alcohol

A focused portfolio with everything you need
and nothing you don’t.

New microfiber wipes with
99.9% particle removal*

A variety of substrates with sterile dry
and presaturated options

Sterile IPA with bag-in-bottle packaging

Hands-Free Microfiber Mops

Dry, IPA Presaturated, Sterile and Autoclavable

Hands-free application reduces spread
of dirty cleaning solution

Removes 99.9% of particles* with up to
47% higher coverage per mop**

Multiple mop options for all USP applications and environments

Saturix Cleaning Carts

The next step in cleanliness, efficiency and risk reduction.

Stop dirty mops from contacting
clean mopping solution

Eliminate the spread of dirty
cleaning solution on surfaces

Reduce cleaning solution waste,
mop waste and risk


Interested but have questions?

* Based on 3rd party lab testing.

** Based on 3rd party lab testing comparing Saturix mops to leading competitor mops.