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-Significant savings on mop and chemical usage

-Compatible with conventional 2 and 3 bucket systems



-Compatible with conventional systems
-Greatly reduce mop and chemical usage

Saturix® microfiber cleanroom mops deliver unparalleled cleaning power, superior surface coverage and ease of use. Our advanced microfiber technology ensures that these cleanroom mops are proven to remove 99.9% particulate residue down to .1 micron in size. This mechanical removal capability will help any facility be more compliant with Annex 1 and USP 797/800 regulations as it minimizes chemical, microbial, and particulate contamination.

Due to our microfiber’s exceptional absorption, Saturix cleanroom mops provide up to 47% more surface coverage per mop than leading competitors. The superior surface coverage, coupled with even and consistent liquid laydown translates into fewer mops required and improved productivity.

Saturix microfiber mops are an integral part of the Saturix Mopping System.  It is the leader in risk reduction and chemical conservation.

  • Remove 99.9% of particulate residue down to .1 micron

  • Reduce VOCs by 60%

  • Lower the risk profile of entire mopping process by 80%

  • Conserve chemical usage by 90%.