96% Presat Sachets (6-C43 | 6-C86-EFP)

These wipes feature a high concentration of 96% IPA on pure polyester in a single-use easy tear foil package or sachet. Designed for tough wet wiping in the field. The ultra-low linting substrate resists abrasion and 96% IPA cuts through grease, dirt and chemical residues—perfect for pipeline, gas and other demanding on-location applications. Great for industrial settings, pre-inspection wipe downs, and parts and equipment cleaning as well as tablets, phones, and anything around your desk and workstation.

  • 96% IPA / 4% DI water
  • Single-use easy tear foil packages
  • Clean, pure, durable and ultra-low linting nonwoven polyester
  • Ease of use for workstations and on-the-go field support
  • Industry recommended for the electrofusion process
  • Fast and efficient cleaning, dries in seconds
  • Consistency in application of solvent
  • Safer to ship, store and use
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